Nov 15

Treadmill vs Elliptical – Which is better?!

Treadmill vs Elliptical

Treadmill vs Elliptical…?!

Treadmill vs Elliptical is the right answer for your bad shape and overweight! I will give you everything what you need for quick body transformation right here, don’t need to go anywhere else. Probably wandering what is he talking about :) ?!

You’ve found this website because you want more information about these machines. It’s very simple, I’ll give you a few tips how to chose the right machine that is more suitable for you and also how to get in shape fast. The tips are from my own experience and I think that will be very helpful. I’ll show you a few products that will bring very fast results and your only job is to FIND MOTIVATION and APPLY information from this website. Let’s get started…

We all want to look very nice and be in shape, right?! Treadmill vs Elliptical is your solution. One of the best ways is to start workout regularly as you already know that. If you have weight problems or you’re just out of shape (like I was :) ) the quickest way to become opposite is to start running.

Let’s say that you will run 3 times a week and stick with the plan for some time and suddenly the weather become bad or simply it’s winter. While weather is nice everything is fine but when it’s not, our willingness for running will drastically decrease. I know that from my own experience and this is just one of the reasons. In that case we have a few options and the best one is to buy a treadmill or an elliptical machine for your home.


Treadmill vs Elliptical =… ?!

Both machines are very good for burning calories but there is a few differences. The thing is that you will burn much more calories when you use treadmills instead of an elliptical machine for the same period of time. So, logically you will buy this machine without hesitation, but I suggest you to take some time and go through the site and then make the right choice.

Here are the factors that you should consider before purchase:

  • Overall physical state
  • Your weight
  • Injuries in lower body part
  • Your age

Overall physical state

Your overall physical state is very important because you must take precautions if you have problems with some kind of illness. This could be any kind of health problem like heart, lungs, stomach or something similar, because you will need a lot of energy and motivation to succeed in your monthly running plan. Let’ s be honest, running isn’t so easy especially if you’re out of shape or at the beginning of the workout process.

Your weight

When I say your weight I mean on your overweight?! It’s not the same when you have 10 lbs/kg or 50 lbs/kg overweight because running is affecting on knees and ankles during training! So if you’re much closer to this bigger number than you should consider about elliptical machine. It will prevent possibility of further injuries.

Injuries in lower body part

If you have some kind of injury in lower body part, especially when it is a serious injury (knee, ankle) you should not take any risk and your choice must be an elliptical machine. This machine is designed in a way that you’ll have much less pressure on ankles and knees during training, so you’ll be safe.

Your age

Your age is also important factor and it’s similar with the overweight section. It’s not the same when you have 25 or 50 years. Younger people are in better shape than older, it’s natural but I’ve seen lots of different examples. In this case younger people will probably go for treadmills until older people will decide for an elliptical machine.

Treadmill vs Elliptical…?!

After you’ve seen these factors it should be easier to make decision which machine is more suitable for you.

The big question is: treadmill vs elliptical = TREADMILL!!!

This decision is from my point of view and it’s based on the same factors from above. I’m 31 years old, very sporty guy with very good overall physical state, no injuries and with a few lbs/kg overweight. There’s one more reason why I’ve chose a treadmill instead of elliptical machine is that I feel uncomfortable and very unnatural during workout. Every person has different style of running. The position of my arms is too high when I use an elliptical machine, so, this is my logical choice.

Little fun at the and… :)


OK, after all we said here now it’s time for decision. If you like a treadmill and don’t know which to pick GO HERE and see my recommendation. In the other hand if you like an elliptical machine click this LINK

Treadmill vs Elliptical